There are billions of microscopic bacteria living in your septic system at any time. These organisms are responsible for making sure that your system works properly. If you do not have the right kind of bacteria in your system, the process does not work properly. This is why Septic Maxx was created. We provide this great additive that replenishes the septic tank bacteria and protease levels. Without the correct levels of septic tank bacteria in your system, drain lines may start to clog and you will eventually have to make numerous repairs on your system.

Having a septic system bacteria deficiency is one of the major causes of solid material overflows. When solid material overflows, your system begins to fail and you will have to have someone come out and repair or perhaps replace your system. Bacteria are usually present via household waste, but heavy-duty home care products can ruin the balance. Using the Septic Maxx additive to replenish your septic tank bacteria can prevent these issues from ever occurring.