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Septic Maxx – The Absolute Best System Additive on the Market Today

Most home insurance does not cover your septic tank. Our protection plans can! Increase your septic power with our products! Stop the odors and wet spots! Get Septic Maxx today!” And we want the image that pops up to be the product w/the enza.

Your septic system is the most expensive appliance in your home. Septic Maxx will help guard and protect your system against the effects of anti-bacterial products and caustic cleaning agents and detergents by providing the ideal blend of bacteria and enzymes that your system requires to operate properly. Take care of your system every month with just one powerful dose of our product – and rest assured that you will be less likely to encounter expensive septic system repairs or total system replacements in the near future. By using Septic Maxx every month, you will also reduce the need for expensive pump outs!

Bully Buddies

Bully Buddies is an all volunteer, non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue pit bull type AND other dogs from abuse, neglect and abandonment. While the dogs are in our care, we provide excellent nutrition, training and enrichment, veterinary care and lots of love in our network of foster homes. Our goal is to find each and every one of them a forever home where they will be loved as a part of the family for the rest of their lives. Through everyday interactions and community events we work to educate the public about the loyal, intelligent and loving nature that make pit bull type dogs wonderful companions and family members.



Our Septic Maxx Family is committed to the well being of the environment & animals

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