The Natural Solution

SEPTIC MAXX is a blend of scientifically enhanced, enzyme-producing bacteria that acts as a catalytic agent and speeds up the degradation rate of organic waste.

THE METHOD is a natural digestion of natural food, by living Friendly Bacteria.

Their food is organic waste matter. They recycle wastes back to the simple basic parts of soil, air and water that they were formed from. Used by the natural laws that govern them, they feed on wastes by digesting, liquefying, and recycling them back to actually enrich our environment. They produce NO POISONS or damaging side effects in the process. Their action is complete. It is truly a Natural Solution.

Today, our systems don’t receive an adequate bacteria supply from natural sources. Use of acids, caustics, detergents (and modem bacteriostats and disinfectants to kill germs), also kill the friendly bacteria our systems must have to operate trouble-free, healthfully, and without great maintenance costs. The bacteria strains that are used work together with your septic system’s naturally occurring bacteria to aid in quicker breakdown of difficult compounds and improve the overall performance of any septic system. They produce enzymes to liquefy and digest the solid wastes. Some of these enzymes are:

Lipase Enzymes

These enzymes attack all fats and greases, breaks down their molecular structure and dissolve them.

Amylase Enzymes

These enzymes break down all starches they come in contact with. As with Lipase Enzymes, the molecular structure is broken down and the starches are dissolved.

Protease Enzymes

The most common of wastes found in septic systems. This particular type of enzyme literally feed on, breaks down, and dissolves all organic wastes of the protein family.

Cellulose Enzymes

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