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Septic Maxx Septic System Protection Plans Cover

What Most Home Owners Insurance  Will NOT Cover!

We are your source for protecting the most expensive appliance in your home.  Our Septic Maxx Protection Plan will help cover the cost of expensive repairs and replacements for in ground and exterior waste-water lines and your septic tank for up to $5,000 per year.

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Covers Drain Lines, Septic Tank and Distribution Boxes

Provides Up to $5,000 in Coverage Per Year

No Limits on Claims Per Year

Zero Deductibles and No Service Fee

Coverage for as Low as $12.50 a Month

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Our premier product Septic Maxx will help guard your septic system against the harmful effects of anti-bacterial products, bleaches and household cleaners which destroy the natural bacteria your system needs to function properly.  Every time you use Septic Maxx its like giving your septic system a vitamin that infuses it with the blends of bacteria and enzymes that it needs to stay healthy.

However the product cannot protect your septic from normal wear and tear or physical damages.  That’s were our Septic Maxx Protection Plan steps in and provide for the repair and replacement of your exterior and underground drain-lines and your tank.

Facts about Septic System Failures and Repair Costs

Septic System Repairs and Replacements can cost you Thousands of Dollars!

Avoid out of Pocket Expenses by Protecting Yourself with a

Septic Protection Plan.


Replacing a septic tank: Septic tanks, especially older, concrete tanks, can crack. A cracked and leaking septic tank is a safety hazard because the raw sludge, not just waste water, is seeping into the ground and ground water. A leak also messes up the operation of the baffles and could allow grease and oil to flow into the leach field, so replacing a septic tank could save the cost of replacing a whole leach field.

Septic Tank Replacement Costs: $1,500.00 to $2,500.00

Replacing/Repairing Pipe from House to Tank: Particularly on an older home, the pipe or the connection points may need to be repaired or replaced.

Cost to replace pipe from the house to the tank: $60 per foot

Cost to Repair/Replace Distribution Box: $600 to $800

Cost of Replacing Drain/Leach Field: The purpose of septic maintenance and smaller repairs is to avoid the cost of replacing the leach field. The cost is usually in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 plus.


When you add up the costs getting a Septic Maxx Club Protection Plan makes perfect sense.  Get up to $5,000 per year for your septic system repairs and replacement costs.

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Question: Am I going to be charged a service fee every time I file a claim?

Septic Maxx: One of the great features of our Septic Protection Plan is there are there are zero deductibles and no service fees costs for filing a claim.

Question: How long does it take for the Club Protection Plan to become effective?

Septic Maxx: It takes 30 days to process the paperwork for the Club Protection Plan but you will receive your Welcome Package a week or two after enrolling which gives you time to read over all of the details before it becomes active.

Listing of General Expenses associated with Septic System Repairs and Replacements*.

Cost to Pump Out the Septic Tank: $150 to $250
Cost of Septic System Testing with Dye: $75 to $125
Cost to Remove Clog in Pipes to Tank: $50 to $250 (or more, if it’s serious)
Cost of Complete Visual Inspection: $300 to $600
Cost to Replace Pipe from to Tank: $60 per foot
Cost of Permit to Repair Septic System: $200 avg (low of $30, high of $444)
Cost of Permit to Install New System: $350 avg (low of $180, high of $577)
Cost of Replacing Septic Tank Baffle: $200 to $400
Cost to Pressure Clean Distribution Pipes: $400 to $600
Cost of Replacing Distribution Box: $600 to $800
Cost of Installing New Septic Tank: $1,500 to $2,500
Cost of Replacing Drain/Leach Field: $3,000 to $10,000+

*not a listing of all covered plan services. Please call 866-343-7747, extension 2004 and a qualified agent will help you decide which plan is best for your needs.

Annual Plan $199.95 per year + a onetime $45 administrative fee = $249.95 to enroll

Quarterly Plan $54.95 every 3 months + a onetime $45 administrative fee = $99.95 to enroll

Monthly Plan $24.95 every month + a onetime $45 administrative fee = $69.95 to enroll


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$199.95 Per Year $349.95 Per Year

Please place the order for my Septic Line Protection plan. Enclosed is my payment of $249.95. This price includes the yearly fee of $199.95 plus the one time administrative fee of $45.00

I understand that I will receive the Welcome Package for my Protection Plan within 7-10 days after my payment is processed. My Protection Plan will then be effective 30 days after my payment is posted. I also understand that for quality assurance purposes I may be contacted to verify my order before it is submitted.

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