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    • Drain Buzz is an all-natural, interior piping, liquid protection that ensures the degradation of harmful grease, soaps, bleach, and other organic materials that cause dangerous pipe blockage and odors.
    • Unlike most competitors, Drain Buzz is engineered to be non- corrosive while still combating blockage and odors and is designed to ensure safety to your pipes, eliminating the possibility of corrosion.
    • Money Back Guarantee: Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you’re not satisfied with your Maxx’s Products product, you may return it at no additional cost (additional terms and conditions may apply).


Never deal with slow drainage in your shower or sink again • Drain Buzz is a top of the line, industrial strength liquid drain cleaner.  Unlike most competitor’s products, it is designed to eat away at the blockage in any pipe system and is engineered to be non-corrosive to your pipes.  Being environmentally friendly, Drain Buzz is 100% septic safe and guaranteed to not harm any interior drain systems.  Not only does Drain Buzz dissolve clogs in your pipes, it also coats the entire interior piping system with a Teflon-like substance that ensures no future backups will occur

Money Back Guarantee: Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.  If you are not satisfied with your Septic Maxx product, you may return it at no additional cost within 30 days of purchase (additional terms and conditions may apply).  Call 1-800-397-2384 and speak to a Septic Maxx Representative to process your return.


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