Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  My septic system is problematic.  Should I use two doses of Septic Maxx every month?

Septic Maxx:  Although you may use more than the recommended amount of our product if desired, the instructions say to use two Septic Maxx treatments per month.

Question:  How is Septic Maxx different or better than any other product on the market today?

Septic Maxx:  The most important reason is the ingredients which compose Septic Maxx.  When our research scientists and bio-technicians created our product, our goal was to offer the highest level of good bacteria – combined with a proprietary blend of enzymes – so that Septic Maxx would provide rapid and ongoing digestion of the solid waste, food, fats, grease, paper products, soaps and laundry detergents, bleach and other materials that are flushed or rinsed into a typical septic tank on a daily basis.  As a result of the ultra-concentrated level of bacteria and enzymes, Septic Maxx will also help keep leach and lateral lines clean and clear – as well as the same for the drain lines and leeching field.  Our product provides homeowners with their best ongoing maintenance solution.

Question:  Why is Septic Maxx not available in my local hardware or mega warehouse store?

Septic Maxx:  In order to maintain the excellent level of customer service that our valued customers deserve, we offer our product solely from our corporate location.  Although our retail colleagues and friends throughout the United States and Canada do a good job of providing thousands of products for every home maintenance requirement, no one can explain the benefits of Septic Maxx as well as our team members.  Factory direct marketing also means the lowest possible pricing to meet the budget requirements of our customers.

Question:  My company will be transferring me to a new location across the country next year.  Can I buy a one year supply of Septic Maxx to ensure that my system works well while I still live in my home?

Septic Maxx:  Yes, of course.  We realize that each customer has his or her own specific lifestyle needs and requirements.   In order to provide flexibility and serve our valued customer needs, Septic Maxx is available in one, three and five year supply quantities.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of claims I may file in a year?

Septic Maxx: Unlike some types insurance coverage there is no limit to the number of claims you may file each year.


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