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What Sewage Pump is Best For Your Septic Tank?

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A sewage pump is a component of a septic system that moves waste to the septic tank. There are different types of pumps that you can buy, which vary in size. Most pumps can handle solid waste for up to two inches in diameter. These pumps are specifically designed to transport human waste and toilet…

Why is Sludge Building Up In Your Septic Tank?

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Do you know the importance of keeping your clarifier clean? Failing to maintain your clarifier can lead to septic problems down the road; in fact, your system may even stop functioning altogether. To avoid expensive septic tank sludge or needing to replace your septic system entirely, you should consider keeping your clarifier in good condition.…

Getting Accustomed to Not Having a Garbage Disposal

Many people like the convenience of rinsing away leftover food down the drain with their garbage disposal. However, if you’re about to move into a place without one, then you’ll have to get used to throwing away your leftovers in a garbage bag. Living without a garbage disposal requires some adjustments to your usual routine.…

4 Tips for Preventing Clogs in the Bathroom

A clogging toilet is a very common problem. It is one that you should treat as an emergency and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Waiting to fix your clogged toilet can lead to expensive repairs that could have been avoided. Obviously, it’s best to prevent clogs from occurring altogether. Knowing how to…

Preparing Your Septic Tank for the Summer

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Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the warm weather with friends and family. It can also turn out to be a busy time of year with all of the events and gatherings that are occurring. You may be the one hosting these parties, so you will likely have extra visitors coming into your household.…

Signs of a Septic Tank Emergency

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Emergency situations require fast attention. Quite often, they lead to picking up the phone and dialing 911. A emergency situation regarding your septic tank would require you to immediately call a septic tank professional. Knowing the signs of septic system emergency can prevent system failure. A septic system emergency can occur inside or outside of…

Top Three Questions We Get Asked About Septic Tanks

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Millions of people around the country rely on a septic wastewater system, but very few actually understand how they operate. Our customers ask a variety of questions all the time but we’ve narrowed down the most common questions to help resolve your septic system issues. Here are the top three questions clients ask our specialists:…