Caring for Your Septic System

When it comes to caring for your septic system, septic tank bacteria plays a huge role. There are both good and bad bacteria, so proper maintenance is critical to keep the balance in check. In addition to having a professional check it out on occasion, there are other things you can do to ensure your septic system is properly functioning.

  • Know how your system works and how you use it. Typically, solids fall to the bottom and are broken down by septic tank bacteria. Periodically, the bacteria will need to be pumped out.
  • A septic system can only hold so much, so conserving water is critical. This can be accomplished by resolving leaky faucets effectively, choosing the right settings on appliances, opting for more efficient appliances, and making a concerted effort to reduce consumption.
  • Trees and heavy items should be kept away from the system to preserve its integrity. The tank and pipes can be badly damaged by roots or pressure.
  • Be careful what you flush! Anything that won’t easily break down can be hazardous to your septic system and septic tank bacteria balance.

Using products like those here at and taking advantage of professional services and club protection plans can help you keep septic tank bacteria balanced and prevent any major issues with your septic system.

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