Health Hazards of Cleaning Your Septic Tank

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Proper maintenance should be of the utmost importance to any septic tank owner. A properly functioning septic tank separates sludge from wastewater, the latter of which is then pumped out into the drainfields. The sludge that settles at the bottom of the septic tank must be pumped out regularly to avoid any malfunctions. The perceived simplicity of maintaining a septic system can be enough to lead you to consider doing your own maintenance. What you may fail to realize are the health hazards of cleaning your own septic system.

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Safe Plants to Grow Over Your Drainfield

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Certain plants can cause damage around your septic tank and drainfield. Aggressive roots can disrupt the flow of your system. Safe plants won’t damage your system but will actually work with it to naturally maintain it. These plants will prevent erosion and absorb excess moisture from the drainfield. Using safe plants can help you avoid pipe damage and overflowing toilets.

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How Do Storms Impact Your Septic System?

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Heavy rainfall has a greater impact on your septic tank than you may imagine. Severe storms can go on continuously for hours and result in flooded streets, driveways, and lawns. Your only worry may be how you’re going to get to work in these unfavorable conditions or where to find an umbrella that can withstand the strong winds. One thing that many people seem to ignore is the effect storms have on their septic tank. After a serious storm, you should check on your septic system; it’s possible one of the following situations has occurred.

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Which Bacteria are in Your Septic System?

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Your septic tank is home to many microorganisms that allow it to function properly. After learning how your septic tank works, you might be curious about what kind of microorganisms live in your tank. Trillions of natural bacteria flourish inside your septic system. These bacteria break down the solid waste in your tank and decompose them. The two types of bacteria that live in your septic system are aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

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